Things to Note

First the name! The system is now known as ESP CSR. Second, the user interface has been improved to create a more intuitive navigational experience.

The underlying functionality that you know, and love remains an integral part of the new experience. We have also made some enhancements and added a few new features to help you analyse and report your data more effectively.

  • FoundationConnect no longer exists. Everything related to data collection, including file uploads, quarantine and processes are now accessed via the Data Collection menu;
    • Please refer to the File Uploads page for detailed instructions;
  • Tasks no longer need to be tied to a reporting period. This allows you to create tasks further into the future, rather than one year at a time;
  • An ‘easy add’ button (+ icon) is visible on the menu. With this you can quickly create locations, inventory, users and more from any screen;
  • You can now bookmark system pages you use frequently and access these from the home screen;
  • The Business Intelligence page has been improved to allow for more functionality around accessing reports and broadcasting;
  • Reports on the report page have been revamped and expanded.

Please read on to learn more about what has changed.


The main menu now follows the workflow used to upload, approve, and report on data:

Data Collection > Review and Approve > Reports

  • Home: On the home page you can search for Locations and Inventory, view your bookmarks, and see pages you have recently viewed in the system;
  • Data Collection: Here you will find features related to uploading data into the system. This includes processes, data configurations and look up lists;
  • Review and Approve: Here you can access the Location Overview page as well your Data Reviews;
  • Reports: Here you can access built in reports, Business Intelligence, and other analytics;
  • Management: This replaces the ‘Manage’ menu item and contains tools used for system administration and maintenance.

For our multi-national customers, moving between subsidiaries is quicker using the Change Company menu. The "Group" level tools have been incorporated into the subsidiary level menus for easier access. 

Glossary and Terminology

FoundationFootprint Name ESP CSR Name ESP CSR Menu
Organisation Page Location Overview Review and Approve
Data Collection Dashboard Tasks Data Collection
Data Reviews Data Reviews Review and Approve
Processes Processes Data Collection
- Data File Uploads
- Quarantine
- Data Configurations
- Look-Up Lists

- File Uploads
- Quarantine
- Data Configurations
- Look-Up Lists
Data Collection
Data Template Manager Smart Excel Templates Data Collection
Data Import Manager Batch Management Data Collection
Data Copy Tools Automation Tools Data Collection
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Reports
Reports Centre Reports Reports
Snapshots Snapshots Reports
Audit Trail (Aggregated) Company-wide data audit trail Reports
Activity Data by Location Over Time Usage and Expenditure by Location and Inventory Reports
Emissions and Activity Data Over Time Emissions and Resources By Data Collection Group and Inventory Reports
Corporate Reviewer (CR)
Corporate Approver (CA)
Group Reviewer (GR)
Group Approver (GA)
Corporate Reviewer (CR)
Corporate Approver (CA)
Executive Reviewer (XR)
Executive Approver (XA)
Review and Approve


The Group main menu option no longer exists. Managing group emission factors, users, reports and other things has changed. Refer to this Group Management article for more information.

For a quick tour of CSR, refer to the related article Tour of CSR.