When ESP CSR is managing the inventories of a group of companies under the umbrella of a parent company, there is the option for each subsidiary to manage their own emission factors or for the parent to manage the emission factors for the whole group.

There are two ways to manage emission factors in CSR: 

  1. The Emission Factor Management tool
  2. Smart Excel Templates

The process of managing emission factors is identical whether it's the parent or the subsidiary managing them.

But for group managed emission factors, all the emission factors for all subsidiaries in the group will appear instead of for just the company logged in.

Group Managed Emission Factors

To manage group wide emission factors the user can be logged in to any subsidiary within the group and must have both the Emission Factor Manager and Group Emission Factor Manager roles.

The Emission Factor Management tool

Go to Manage >Emission Factor Management

The system will display all emission factors for all subsidiaries, e.g., Group Emission Factor Management - [Parent Company Name].

Refer to the Emission Factor Management article for help using this tool.

Smart Excel Templates

Navigate to Data Collection > Smart Excel Templates

The system will display the option to download or upload Group Emission Factors.
The template will contain all emission factors for all subsidiaries.

Refer to the Smart Excel Templates article for help using this tool.