The Batch Transactions page contains every batch transaction created within the system.

Batch transactions are created from file uploads and Smart Forms submissions.

The batch ID for these can be found in the History, notes and documents section of associated tasks. 

For more information on how to read the tasks page History, notes and documents and where to find batch ID's, click here.

To find this feature, on the menu bar select Data Collection > Batch Management > Batch Transactions.

Using the Batch Transactions Page

Users can use the Batch Transactions page to search for every batch ID against specific Locations and Inventory within the grid.

In the Batch Transactions grid, every column can be filtered.

These columns include:

  • Batch ID, i.e., 5132.
  • Transactions ID.
  • Location ID, i.e., LOC0012944.
  • Location, i.e., North.
  • Inventory ID, i.e., IN0047824.
  • Inventory Name, i.e., Natural Gas, Electricity etc.
  • Inventory Identifier: Usually the identifier for ICP numbers.
  • Activity Date: The date the added activity data was against, i.e., May 2016.
  • Import Action: The action selected when saving data into the system, i.e., Overwrite, add to or ignore.

To filter on these, in the column to filter on, type a search term in the space provided. 

Select the equal to, greater than or less than option for the number fields and the contains or does not contain option for the text fields in the filter dropdown for the best results.

Numbers Field                                                                                                                        Text Field











Good to know:

  • The Batch Transactions page is useful when looking at activity data against Inventory and how the data was loaded into the system.
  • The Batch Transactions page also provides an oversight to changes made by each batch transaction submitted into the system and is useful for auditing purposes.