Most activity data is uploaded to CSR through batches via Data Collection > File Uploads or Smart Forms, e.g., electricity invoice files, fuel reports or air travel transactions. 

CSR provides a number of tools for reviewing, analysing and reversing these batches.


This feature is specifically for managing accruals. Accruals are typically loaded at end of the emissions accounting year to fill activity data gaps and are effectively an estimate of activity data.  Accruals are then reversed out when the actual activity data becomes available.

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Batch Explorer

Batch Explorer shows batch import jobs from external sources such as Excel templates and supplier files.

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Batch Reversal

Batch Reversal allows review of batch job details before reversing and removing activity data from the system.  This feature creates an audit trail of changes made.

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Batch Transactions

Batch Transactions allows review of individual transactions for batch jobs. Filters, sorting and grouping features of the results grid help with navigation.

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Batch Reconciliation

The Batch Reconciliation report shows transactions reconciled with the Activity Data Log and highlights any discrepancies. 

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