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Performing an in-depth review of uploaded data is an integral component of a robust data collection process. The Quarantine area in BraveGen CSR is where data is held for review and approval before it is transferred into the main database.

Quarantine has various features including:

  • summarising uploaded data
  • comparing with historic data 
  • the ability to view the history, notes and commentary between the parties involved in submitting the data
  • download the files containing the source data 
  • the ability to leave review comments
  • the ability to remove, approve or decline the activity data placed in quarantine.

The Quarantine provides a means of ensuring data accuracy, transparency, an audit trail and capturing the corporate knowledge of the parties involved.

How data enters Quarantine

The way in which data gets in to BraveGen CSR is first described in Processes. These processes tell us what the data is (E.g. electricity, air travel etc), the people involved, how often data will be submitted and by which data collection method (file upload, email, smart form etc).

Data collection tasks are then created in relation to a particular process. These tasks define when email notifications are sent out to the parties involved.

The parties defined in a processes are

  1. The Data Source Owner (DSO) - This person has the data you need, E.g. an account manager at a power company or your travel agent. The DSO may send the data to the data submitter (below) or simply submit the data themselves. 
  2. The Data Submitter (DS) - This person submits the data in to BraveGen CSR if the DSO doesn't do it themselves. Often the DS is not necessary.
  3. The Data Overseer (DO) - This person reviews the uploaded data in Quarantine and ultimately approves or declines it. 

When data enters quarantine the system will automatically perform 3 actions:

1. Update the task statuses. The Task Status changes to "With DS" (if a DS is used) or "With DO" and the DSO Status changes to "Completed". In the example below, the DSO uploaded the data themselves, therefore the DS Status below shows as 'Not Used'.

2. An e-mail notification, as displayed below, will be sent to the DO of this particular task advising that the activity data is now available in Quarantine for their review. The email contains links to detailed guidance on locating and using the Quarantine reviews as well as a DO tutorial.

3. The system will place the data collection task in to Quarantine as displayed below for DO review and approval.

Reviewing quarantined data

Data collection tasks will only appear in Quarantine following the upload of related data. For each data collection task displayed in the grid, you can view relevant summary information such as who the DO is and their review due date, the task's reference number and the data collection period being reviewed.

To review the data and audit trail information for a particular task, click on the task's name which will take you to that task's Quarantine Review page.

The desired outcomes of the Quarantine review are two-fold:

  • to provide assurance as to the accuracy of the activity data in quarantine
  • to provide commentry for subsequent high level reporting period reviewers regarding any data capture methodology changes, trend analysis plus any reduction initiatives.

Clicking on a selected data collection task name on the Quarantine page grid will take you to the task's Quarantine Data Review page. This page displays all information and functionality required to comprehensively review and approve data for the selected task. This includes:

  • time series tables containing task activity data summarized by month and inventory item and historic comparitive data
  • comments and approval box - for leaving commentry and actioning the removal, decline or approval of data
  • an audit trail of task actions and review history, notes and documents - for actions performed by the DSO, DS and DO.

The top section of the Quarantine Review page, as displayed below, shows the data collection task name, task reference number, the reporting classification group that this task is linked to for high level review and the names of the parties involved in performing task roles.

Review data tables

On the Quarantine Review page, you can review two tables containing summarised activity data for the data collection period and another table that contains historic activity data. These tables should be read with reference to the Data table guidelines for interpretation.

The data presented in the Quarantined Activity Data table as displayed below, is a month by month summary of the data uploaded for the data collection period. It shows uploaded usage and cost data that will be transferred from quarantine into the systems activity data logs for the locations, resources and months specified if approved by the DO. It also shows any comments uploaded.

For each resource and month specified in the table below, the system checks to see if data already exists in their activity data logs. In circumstances where upload data is for a resource and month that already contains activity data, the table will highlight these per instance as is apparant in instances 7 - 9 below.

For each such instance, the Action dropdown box provides 3 upload action options to choose from - 'Overwrite existing data', 'Add to existing data' and 'Ignore uploaded data'. The DO should should check that the appropriate options have been selected before approving the data.

Beneath the Quarantined Activity Data table, for comparison purposes you can view the quarantined and historic usage activity data per inventory item as displayed below. This is useful for assessing at a glance whether or not your current activity data appears reasonable and for analysising and commenting on usage trends over time.

Review and add History, Notes and Documents

At the foot of the Quarantine Data Review Page, as displayed below, are grids containing the notes, documents and history relating to the selected data collection task. Task notes and documents can be created by the DSO, DS or DO in the following locations:

  • Quarantine Data Review Page in data sources
  • View Data Collection Task Page in BraveGen CSR
  • Edit Data Collection Task Page in BraveGen CSR
  • Upload a Data File Page in data sources

Under Notes, the DO can review validation and review comments. These comments have explanatory value in terms of understanding the accuracy of data presented in the data tables and in particular what data validation checks have already been performed.

Under Documents, the DO can drill deeper and review the actual contents of the data upload file for further analysis purposes and spot checks. Spot checks can be performed in the data file to confirm that all data has been captured and correctly allocated to appropriate months and inventory items. In addition, the DO can view any superceded data uploads files which is a useful audit trail of any changes made to the content of a data upload file.

Data Review Comments and Notes

Recording data validation and review commentry aids in having a robust task audit trail and is invaluable information for subsequent high level reporting period reviewers. It is recommended that review commentry address any changes in data capture methodologies, activity data trend analysis plus reduction initiatives. Recording data validation commentry is useful for highlighting any data capture or related task problems and corrective actions.

Commentry can be recorded by the DO in the Comments and Approval box as displayed below or by the DSO or DS under Notes by clicking on the button located in History, Notes and Documents module on the page.

Data Table Guidelines for Interpretation

1. Units of Measure (UoM):

  • Out of Scope Inventory Items - in all activity data tables, the UoM for out of scope inventory items is specified in the inventory item name, as circled in red below.
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 Inventory Items - in all relevant data tables, the UoM for in scope inventory items is specified in the UoM column, as circled in green below.


Approve, Decline and Remove Quarantine Data

Approve Data

Only the DO of the associated task, a company administrator or a Data Collection Manager can approve data in quarantine.

After entering comments in the Comments and Approval box, they can action their approval by clicking on the 'Approve This Data' button.

When the DO has approved all data collection tasks related to a data collection group

When the DO has approved all data collection tasks related to a data collection group, the CR/CA will be notified by a BraveGen CSR auto-generated e-mail. The status of data review associated with that data collection group will

Decline Data

Only the DO can decline data in quarantine. After entering an explanation for declining data into the Comments and Approval box, the DO then clicks on the 'Decline This Data' button, as indicated by the red arrow below. Confirmation of the declining data action will appear underneath in a green box.

An e-mail notification, as displayed below, will be sent be the system to the DSO or DS (depending upon which party uploaded the data) advising them that the data has been declined (including any reason provided by the DO).

Remove Data

If uploaded data in Quarantine is incorrect and needs to be replaced with revised data, the DSO and DS should firstly remove the incorrect data from the applicable 'Quarantine Data Review' page (Main Menu>Quarantine>Task Name). On the 'Quarantine Data Review' page, after entering an explanation for removing the data into the Comments and Approval box, the user then clicks on the 'Remove This Data' button, as indicated by the red arrow below. Confirmation that the data has been removed will appear underneath in a green box. The DSO or DS should then return to the 'Upload Data' page to upload the revised data.