Activity Data can be locked in a specific period via either:

  • Programme Details; or
  • Data Reviews.

This function prevents users from altering data that may have been 'officially' announced or published.

Note that locking activity data does not prevent changes being made. However, data for the locked period is highlighted and a warning is presented to the user.

When locked data is updated: 

  1. A special entry is placed in the history trail
  2. A comment is added to the comments for that month

To lock data via the Data Reviews, the Corporate Reviewer can click the follow the below steps:

  • On the selected Data Review, click the Add comments and approval button at the bottom left of the page;

2. In dialog pop-up box, select Click to lock these inventory items to lock all Inventory associated with this Data Review for the period.

To lock data via the Programme Details, a user must have the Company Admin or Organisation Manager role:

  • Go to Manage > Programme Details;
  • Click Edit this programme.
  • Select the date in the space provided next to Inventory is locked up to:, then press Save.

The Inventory locked date should now appear: