History, notes and documents (HND) are used throughout CSR to record important information and actions.  These can be generated from the system as well added manually by a user.

History, notes and documents remain linked to the item that was being viewed when manually adding information.

History, notes and documents are useful when GHG Inventory audits occur as they keep a detailed record of all associated data uploads, changes made etc., within the system.

Some examples of where HNDs are used include:

  • Locations.
  • Inventory.
  • Data reviews.
  • Tasks.
  • Processes.
  • Emission factors


History is an automatically generated audit trail of events that have occurred relating to the item being viewed.

History cannot be deleted or edited.


Notes contain detailed information of any action taken against the associated item as well as any user notes.

Some of the actions recorded here can include:

  • User actions or comments made during data upload process;
  • Notification emails sent out in relation to the associated item;
  • Data and process related steps, e.g., uploads and approvals.
  • Manually added notes.

To add a note against the associated item:

  • Click Add a note;
  • Enter a title and comments using formatting as needed.
    Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel is possible using the "Paste from Word" button on the toolbar.
    For those with experience in html, this can be edited directly by clicking the "<> HTML" tab;
  • Click Save this note.

The author of a note can edit the contents of that note.


Documents contains all files uploaded against the associated item either via data uploads, Smart Excel templates, Smart forms or manually by a user.

For a user to add documents:

  • Click Add a document;
  • Click Select to open a file explorer and choose a file or drag a file on to the button;
  • Add a title and a description of the document being uploaded uploading (if required);
  • Click Save this document.

The uploader of a document can delete the document, but any user can download it.

System notes and documents

Where applicable, system generated notes and documents will be attached to items.

System notes include:

  • Data review comments, approvals, declines, recommendations and issues.
  • Comments associated with uploading data into CSR such as file uploads and Smart Excel templates.
  • System generated correspondence - system emails alerting people of key events such as data awaiting their approval.

System notes and documents cannot be edited or deleted with the exception of data review recommendations and issues which can be edited by the author.