The Scope & Emission Factor Management is a convenient feature for quickly updating the scope and emission factors of inventory.

To find this feature, on the menu bar select Manage > Scope & Emission Factor Management.

Quick Guide

To use Scope & Emission Factor Management:

  • Select Scope & Emission Factor Management from the Manage menu.
  • If required, click the check boxes to:
    • Show Parent Location Details.
    • Show HVAC Gas.
  • Filters can be used to show only certain locations, inventories, scopes or emission factors. 
    E.g., to show all scopes apart from '2', type '2' in the Scope filter field, click on the filter icon and select 'NotEqualTo'.
  • To edit the scope or emission factor of an inventory:
    • Select Edit on the inventory row.
    • Enter a new Scope if required.
    • Select a new Emission Factor from the drop-down if required.
    • Select Update.
    • To cancel without any update, click Cancel.

Good to know

  • This feature cannot be used to add new inventory or emission factors. 
  • This can be done using Smart Excel Templates or the Emission Factor Manager.