This tool is used to copy months of data from several inventories to several other inventories.

A percentage of the source data can be copied to the destinations which could be used in the application of uplifts to capture outstanding data. For example, applying uplifts to air travel data to capture 'out of policy' travel.

To find this tool:

Quick Guide

The following example provides a guide to using this tool:

  1. Select a source and destination inventory.
  2. Specify the percentage of the source inventory activity data to be copied to the destination inventory activity data.
  3. Specify if cost values are to be included.
  4. Select the option required when existing data is found, e.g., Overwrite the existing data with these values.

    Overwriting means that if there is already data in the destination inventory items for any month in the selected time period, the existing data will be overwritten. This may be appropriate if, e.g., the data copy is being repeated because it was initially done incorrectly.

    Other options are to:
    Add these values to the existing data, or
    Ignore these values and leave the existing data unchanged.
  5. Enter the period of time to copy and the start date, e.g., 6 months from 1 January 2022.
  6. If required, select the relevant data collection task from the dropdown box.
  7. Add an explanatory comment.
  8. Click the Preview These Updates... button.
  9. Preview the updates to ensure they are correct and click the Confirm These Updates button.

    When the update is complete a confirmation will be displayed.