The Many to Many Tool is used to copy months of data from several inventory items to several other inventory items. A percentage of the source data can be copied to the destinations such as for the application of uplifts to air travel data to capture out of policy travel. 

In the example below:

  • Step 1 - a source and destination inventory items are selected
  • Step 2 - 5% of the source inventory item activity data is to be copied to the destination inventory items
  • Step 3 - no cost values are to be copied
  • Step 4 - if data already exists in the destination items it will be overwritten
  • Step 5 - a time period of 6 months from 1 January 2012 is selected
  • Step 6 - this copy task is linked to its data collection task
  • Step 7 - explanatory comments are entered
  • Step 8 - the 'Preview These Updates...' button is clicked

Preview the updates to ensure they are correct, as displayed below, and click the 'Confirm These Updates' button

When the update is complete a confirmation, as displayed below, is generated.