Property and Asset Manager

The management of your GHG inventory and resources can overlap with property and asset management functions in your organisation. In recognition of this, BraveGen CSR provides property and asset management features that compliment and extend its GHG inventory and resource management functionality.

The Property and Asset Management features in BraveGen CSR are available to enterprise edition customers as an optional extra. These features include the ability to:

  • record and easily maintain property specific attributes related to property sites, assets such as HVAC and refrigeration units and even areas within a building or facility such as floor levels or part thereof.
  • monitor, analyse and report on unique property metrics related to the performance of property functions.
  • manage property processes and service suppliers
  • schedule tasks such as maintenance checks, risk assessments, lease expiry dates.
  • store notes and correspondence as well as documents such as schematics or compliance certificates

BraveGen CSR provides users with the ability to quickly and easily view and update property and asset related attributes. This is achieved via the Property and Asset Manager, located under 'Manage' on the Main Menu. It contains a suite of generic tools for users such as sorting, filtering, grouping, editing and exporting information.

On this Page:

View the Property and Asset Manager

Locate the Property and Asset Manager

Main menu > Management > Property & Asset Management

View the Property and Asset Manager Options
There are 5 page options in the Property and Asset Manager for managing different property & asset types -
  • Locations
  • Areas
  • Assets (HVAC / Refrigeration)
  • Assets (Vehicle)
  • Assets (other).

The default page option is 'Locations', to view another page option select it from the dropdown box and click the 'Go' button.

In each page option there is a grid containing a range of property or asset attributes applicable to that page option e.g. in the screenshot below you can view locations and their attributes. Use the scroll bars on the grid, to move vertically or horizontally on the page. Use the generic grid sort, filter and group functionality to locate particular locations or assets.

To view a list of currently available attributes go to the section on Available Property Attributes below.

Updating Property and Asset Details

Updating Property and Asset Details

To update any of the attributes of a particular property or asset, use the grid's sort, fliter or group functionality to locate it and then click on the adjacent button as displayed below.

Then in the attributes box locate and edit the desired attribute and click 'Update' to save.

Available Refrigerants

Defining which refrigerants are available

Refrigerant emission factor groups determine which refrigerants are available in the 'Refrigerant Type' drop down (displayed below) when editing a HVAC/refrigeration item.

The refrigeration asset name should include the name of the gas that appear in the drop down. E.g. R22

The emission factor group must also contain an emission factor(s) with the appropriate effective from and to dates covering the necessary period of time.

Automated Actions

Setting Automated Actions

The Property and Asset Manager can be set to perform a number of actions automatically based on the updating of information.

Actions that can be set to perform automatically are:

  • Create Lease Expiry reminder
  • Create Lease Last Modified note
  • Create HVAC Inventory Item automatically
  • Generate HVAC monthly leakage activity data automatically
  • Generate HVAC installation leakage activity data automatically
  • Create Next Maintenance Check reminder automatically
  • Copy Effective From Date to Asset Installation Date automatically
  • Create Asset Expiry reminder automatically
  • Create Permit Expiry reminder automatically
  • Create License Expiry reminder automatically

These actions are discussed in depth on the Property and Asset Settings help page. The Property and Asset Settings page in BraveGen CSR is where the user sets which actions are to be performed automatically or not.

Available Property and Asset Attributes

For your organisation's properties and assets, you may wish to record, monitor and report on a range of attributes for management purposes. The table below contains a list of attributes that are currently available. The content of, or modification of some attributes may impact other areas of the system depending on your preferences. Refer to the Impact column in the sheet below for more information. It is anticipated that the availability of attributes in the Property and Asset Manager will expand over time in response to customer demand.