Menu location: Main Menu > Review & Approve > Review Notes

Please note that in BraveGen CSR the Group Review (GR) role and Group Approver (GA) role have been renamed to Executive Review (XR) and Executive Approve (XA) consecutively.

The Review Notes page gives quick access to important notes created in data reviews such as issues, recommendations and declines. These notes can also be exported from this page.

When first entering the page the table shows notes generated in the last 7 days.

Use the drop down menu in the top right to change this view as well as the current data review period (E.g. FY20) and the subsidiaries if applicable.

The available views in the drop down are

  1. All notes from the last 7 days
  2. Issues, recommendations & declines
  3. Executive comments (GA and GR)
  4. CA, CR & general comments

Results can be further refined using the filter boxes. Highlighted below we have further filtered the results based on the keyword "methodology".

These notes can be exported to excel or word at anytime by clicking the blue buttons at the bottom of the table.